Doughs and Mo's


In the spirit of Movember, Doughheads have launched their MoBro’s doughnut, raising funds and awareness for men’s physical and mental health. The local business is collaborating with the Movember Foundation, donating $1 from each MoBro sold to the organisation.

The MoBro’s movement is the latest partnership in Doughheads monthly charity initiative. Creative director Anna Farthing is using her delicious doughnuts to give back to the community that supports her.

“We all have men in our lives! Personally, I'm raising 3 of them, have 4 brothers and employ 14 male staff at Doughheads. Men's health is an important subject in our community and we are stoked to partner with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness and raise funds during November” said Ms Farthing.

The MoBro doughnut is packed with scrumptious flavours, so supporting the charity is hard to resist. The fluffy doughnut is dipped in espresso icing, crafted using freshly brewed Glee espresso. It is then stuffed with fresh banana, sticky, salted caramel and topped with a dark chocolate moustache. Its oozy, messy and finger lickin’ good.


The Movember Foundation aim to transform the community’s awareness and perspective of men’s Health. They devote research into prostate and testicular cancers and offer support networks for mental health. The organisation encourages its MoBro’s and MoSista’s to grow a moustache, raising awareness and funds for our fathers, brothers, partners and friends. In November 2017 over 5 million moustaches were grown to support the initiative.


The Doughheads lads are helping boost that number by sporting their best moustaches. Head Chef Kallan Bragg sets the bar high, already trimming and styling his moustache into the faithful horseshoe. The workplace challenge not only provides banter in the team, but raises awareness for the cause. Donations can be made on the Doughheads Mo Team page or by purchasing a MoBro doughnut in store. Drop by Doughheads this November, spot some killer Mo’s, devour a mouth-watering doughnut and support a fantastic cause.

Article by Zoe Drew

This October, Check Your Doughnuts

It’s breast cancer awareness month and what better excuse could there be to eat a doughnut. For the month of October, local business Doughheads will be donating one dollar from every Boobalicious doughnut sold to the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation (HBCF).

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The community partnership is the latest edition to Doughheads’ monthly charity initiative. Inspired by the support of her ‘Doughheads Tribe’, CEO and Creative Director, Anna Farthing partners with local charities monthly to give back to the community.

“People don't come just to get a doughnut, they want to be involved with Doughheads”. Doughheads’ collaboration with the HBCF follows the sponsorship of Soul Café in September. The local business raised over $1,387 dollars for the charity, aiding in the support of vulnerable Novocastrians. Through their 30,200 Instagram and 55,829 Facebook followers, Doughheads’ brought awareness to Soul Café’s cause.

It’s more than a dollar, it raises awareness and causes a level of engagement which is really cool!
— Rick Prosser, Soul Cafe CEO
Cross section of our Boobalicous doughnut

Anna will be using her delicious doughnuts and social media empire to raise awareness and funds for HBCF. Customers can purchase the cheeky take on Doughheads’ signature Iced VoVo doughnut. The fluffy doughnut, dipped in fruity, strawberry icing and coconut, filled with a tangy raspberry coulis and topped with house-made marshmallow is hard to resist.

The HBCF offer individually tailored support to local women and men affected by breast cancer. The organisation provides friendship and guidance to those experiencing and recovering from treatment. Their focus is on ‘grass-roots’ care for victims, their families and friends.

Fundraising contributes to the foundation’s support program, offering assistance in the home, education on the illness and medical care. HBCF also offer a unique survivorship program, providing ongoing physiological support to individuals who have completed treatment. Through meditation, empowerment and support networks, the foundation addresses the physical and mental health risks associated with remission.


Doughheads will be sponsoring the HBCF’s annual Bubbly Wonderland on Sunday the 29th of October at the Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza. The champagne breakfast raises funds and awareness for the foundation and it’s community.

Tickets for the event cost $85 and include delicious food, bubbles and entertainment. They can be purchased via the HCBF’s 2017 Bubbly Breakfast page on their website.

Novocastrians eager to support the local charity can also indulge in a scrumptious Boobalicious doughnut. A donations box is available in-store for generous customers wanting to contribute but enticed by other delicious flavours, or they can donate by visiting the Doughheads for HBCF MyCause Fundraising page

Devouring decadent doughnuts; giving back to the community never tasted so good.

Article by Zoe Drew

Eat Doughnuts, it’s for Charity

When it comes to eating doughnuts, any excuse will do, especially when it’s a for a good cause. For the month of September, Doughheads will be fundraising for Soul Café by donating one dollar from every Banoffee doughnut sold, to the local charity.

Banoffee Doughnut

Banoffee Doughnut

In the age of instagrammed lattes and styled brunches it is easy to forget that a hot meal is a luxury for some.

“Having a regular, healthy supply of food is something that can easily be taken for granted here in Australia, but we have to realise that's not the case for everyone in our community” said Doughheads CEO Anna Farthing.

Soul Café aim to combat this, providing free meals to Newcastle’s vulnerable in their café located on the corner of Hunter and Watt Street. Doughheads’s donation will assist in funding Soul Café’s kitchen however “it’s more than a dollar … it raises awareness and causes a level of engagement which is really cool” said Soul Café CEO Rick Prosser.

Anna’s Doughheads empire began as a modest stall at Olive Tree Markets and now boasts over 30,200 Instagram and 55,829 Facebook followers. The creative director has revolutionised the humble doughnut into a flavour experience in her flagship store at The Junction. Anna credits the brands success to her “no shortcuts mentality, using the highest quality ingredients and always striving to create happiness.”

The support of her customers she calls the “Doughheads tribe” has inspired a charity initiative aimed at giving back to the Newcastle community.

“People don't come just to get a doughnut, they want to be involved with Doughheads” said Ms Farthing.

Anna’s social media reach will raise awareness for Soul Café’s cause and her initiative will be feeding not only her tribe but Newcastle’s most vulnerable.

Doughheads will be donating one dollar from every Banoffee doughnut sold in September to Soul Café. A donations box will also be available in-store for generous customers wanting to contribute but enticed by other delicious flavours.

On the 10th of September, Doughheads partnered with local physique athletes Jak Nelson and Tim Bradstreet for an instore fundraiser. The local lads were challenged to eat their weight in doughnuts and bravely stomached eight each. Novocastrians can sponsor one dollar for every doughnut the body builders ate on their my cause page.

Fundraising Event for Soul Cafe

Soul Café not only provide meals to Newcastle’s homeless, but also individuals experiencing mental illness, addiction, violence and financial hardship. They also support and guide the disadvantaged towards a positive future through their network of community services.

“The meal brings them in, then there are all these other services they can connect with” said Soul Café finance manager Tonya Huen. This initiative helps the vulnerable re-establish themselves as a part of Newcastle’s community.

However, Soul Cafe strives to provide “more than a meal…it’s about community, friendship, a listening ear” said Mr Prosser.

“People fall through cracks because everyone has a unique story and so our hope is that we can be under the cracks to catch people.”

Soul Café’s dedication to community was exemplified when a regular guest’s health began to deteriorate. “I said take him to hospital there’s something not right, they did a head scan and he had a brain tumour. Five days later they operated on it. Through that journey he’s been reunited with his daughter” said Mr Prosser

Novocastrians can get behind Soul Café’s worthy cause through food and financial donations as well as volunteering in their Hunter Street kitchen. You can also support the initiative of Doughheads by purchasing a Banoffee doughnut for the month of September.

“Little things added together helps make the big thing happen” said Mr Prosser.

Indulging in decadent doughnuts; giving back to the community never tasted so good.

Article by Zoe Drew

Doughheads For Purpose

We are SO pumped to announce our new initiative for Doughheads, a monthly partnership with a local charity or for-purpose organisation!

Doughheads was founded here in Newcastle in June 2014 as a small market stall and since then, we have received incredible support from you, our Tribe of loyal followers. YOU guys are the reason Doughheads exists and why we have experienced such incredible growth. Our Tribe is at the heart and soul of everything we do and we are dedicated to showing our appreciation in ways that will give back to our community and make a difference!

For the month of September we are partnering with @soulcafenewcastle by way of fundraising events, donations, volunteer work and using our influence to raise awareness of this awesome organisation and what they do within our local community!

Soul Cafe provides approximately 700+ free meals per week to highly disadvantaged members of our community, but these meals are simply a medium for them to be able to work with people in a greater way. However, Soul Cafe is non-government funded organisation and relies on the financial sponsorship from corporations and individuals, fundraising events and volunteers giving of their time. 

Doughheads will be aiming to partner with Soul Cafe in a few different and fun ways during September...

Donations: we will be pledging $1 from each sale of our charity doughnut of the month along with all tips given in store at The Junction.

Fundraising: we will be putting on a doughnut eating fundraiser with two local bodybuilding lads, Jak Nelson and Tim Bradstreet on Sunday, 10th September. We are asking for your support by coming along to the event to cheer for them and pledging $1 per doughnut they can eat.

Awareness: we will be promoting Soul Cafe and the work they do through our social media platforms and website, encouraging our Tribe to take an interest in our local community and the organisations supporting it. 

Volunteering: with staff giving up their time to volunteer at Soul Cafe, helping to prepare and serve meals and generally assist at the Soul Cafe headquarters in Newcastle in whatever way we can.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to make a difference in our community!

If you would like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, you can do so by visiting our MyCause website,